Book Direct Advantage - Preferred Guest Status

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Book Direct Advantage - Preferred Guest Status

When you book your reservation directly with the hotel establishment, by phone, email, or their website, you become their preferred guest and eligible for a more desirable room assignment, or upgrade when booking or checking in. Luxury Five Star instantly links you up with all your best book direct options as a preferred guest.

Booking indirectly through one of the many Online Travel Agencies, OTA's, can result in an entirely different experience. If you've ever been frustrated or disappointed after using an OTA to make your reservation, you're not alone. Many OTA bookings can be for a discounted block of less than desirable room locations, and the practice of most reservations managers is that preferred rooms get assigned to direct booking guests.

Experienced travelers are aware that OTA's often impose extra fees and hidden charges, require prepayment, or quote a higher rate. So 'Booking Direct' can often save you money as well, with many luxury properties directly offering lower promotional rates or pre-payment discounts exclusively to their direct booking guests. Travelers seeking a superior travel experience visit us first to easily compare the finest properties, services, and direct promotional offers.

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